by Gallagher

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Debut solo album of Brian Gallagher, guitarist/songwriter for the Canadian band Happenstance.


released June 4, 2017

All instruments and vocals by Gallagher except:
Drums on tracks 10 and 11 by Nick Thompson.
Keyboards on track 9 by John Jones
Bass on track 11 by Mark Huot.

Recorded, mixed and mastered at Farmboy studios in Hudson, Quebec (except drums on tracks 10 and 11 recorded at Lunar Landing studios, Pincourt, Quebec).

Album photography by Mac (MacMan) Grundy

Copyright SOCAN 2017


all rights reserved



Gallagher Hudson, Québec

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Track Name: The first kiss and the long road
They say that life is a long long road
But that's alright as long as it leads you home
Track Name: 1800 days
You know what they say
You can't tell a book by its cover it's true
Cuz you can be fooled
Into the happy ending that you wished for
And don't you know that takes more
Than just a pretty face and a pretty smile

I gave you 1800 days
But not a second more
Track Name: Run back to me
But honey my heart never changed
And I never lost the memory of your face
I'm still trying to find the perfect line
So you'll run back to me
Track Name: Mistaken
Wait a minute now baby I don't think I heard you right
What's your reason for running this time?
You keep changing your mind like an airline schedule
Treating love like vacation
When it's a 365 destination

Or am I mistaken?
Track Name: Waiting for the words
I would have loved to have seen
The look on my face when you said
"I really thought we were going to make it"
But I saw the lie in the tear that rolled down your face
Because every living thing that grows must change
And although our paths were on the same direction
You had moved into the passing lane
Now I'm not waiting for a miracle or straws to clutch onto
I'm just waiting for your words to come true
Track Name: Complicated
They last spoke in late September
As they walked through the falling leaves outside
He leaned over and tried to kiss her
No no no no no she cried

She's what he wants but he's not what she needs
I guess that's what complicated means

He knew then that his part was over
As he watched the credits roll down her face
She turned to leave and God damnit he let her
Without a word, without a trace

And love lay somewhere in between
I guess that's what complicated means

He tried to put some words to letters
Even if it's something that she'll never read
But at least it made him feel better
Sometimes the cut hurts less than the bleed

No classic lines from movie scenes
I guess that's what complicated means

It's expectations vs. dreams
I guess that's what complicated means
Track Name: No weather without her
She is my ocean
Her love runs deep
She is my pirate my secret she keeps

She is my airplane
My bright green blue sky
Holding me up, helping me fly

She is my solstice
Spring, summer, fall
There's be no weather without her at all

She is the sunshine
Chasing the rain
Warming my heart easing my pain

Now I will always love her
She's my forever girl
Nothing else matters to me in this world

I would climb mountains
Sail any sea
Slay any dragon to fall at her feet
Track Name: Lost myself
Tell me love just what this is
Because I felt meaning in your kiss
You un-sewed my seams yeah you tattered me
I lost myself in you

Stay here with me
One more minute is all I need
Until your green eyes fill my memory
And lose myself in you

I couldn't wait and you couldn't change
I wish I had heard what you had to say
As one page turns
One heart burns
I lost myself in you
Track Name: Tears in her glass
She raised her glass raised her eyes
But never raised her voice
As if screaming would make any difference
Or help him make a choice

See she thought that she could live with this
It shouldn't come as a surprise...

That the tears in her glass are the tears from her eyes

He closed the door from the other side
One last time
She stayed sitting at the kitchen table wondering
Wondering how she chose a bottle over a man

See she thought that she could live with this
It was an easy place to hide

Now the tears in her glass are the tears from her eyes

Though she tries and tries
No answers lie
In the glass of wine she takes to her bedisde
Track Name: The Waiting
I'm waiting
For peacefullness to come to me
I'm waiting
For happiness to plant a seed
Where sorrow scorched only self-doubt breeds

But no matter how far I see
Down the road in front of me
The waiting clings to me
Track Name: Broken ties
People here have been kind but seems it's time to go
But I'm not sure which direction
I can always use a helping hand I know
And it's nice to have their blessing

Hey - the open road is on my mind...
This town and I have broken ties

Now I don't mind the rain
Once in awhile it feels good to feel it on my face

When people ask me where I'm from I just say "around"
But it's not that I feel guilty
You see the people that I love, they're still around
Because I carry them with me

With the open road on my mind...
This town and I have broken ties

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